As always a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to coming back next year. –Clean Sweep
Every summer my children look forward to attending your wonderful joy filled camp. –Amy S.
Our Confirmation retreat was a blast! It was a blessing to give our youth a chance to retreat from their busy lives to come together, have fun and take time to explore God’s creation at Good Earth Village! –Anna W.
Every time we have stayed at Good Earth Village we have been warmly welcomed by the staff. We look forward to bringing groups out to take advantage of this great facility. –Shelly C.
I’m a little biased toward outdoor ministries from all of the camps I’ve visited, this is one of my favorites. Best meals, extremely friendly and helpful staff, above average and better facilities. Thanks for all you do for all the churches you serve. –Paul F.
When I think back to my times at Good Earth Village my heart is filled with smiles. –Kristin S.
I feel very blessed that as a child I had a special place to learn about God and feel His presence. –Kristin S.
Everything was very clean, comfortable and cozy. I wish I could have stayed longer. –Synod Communicators.
Our group loves to visit Good Earth Village because it offers a time of quiet reflection surrounded by God’s amazing beauty! –Cindy W.
After our last retreat, the youth asked if we could spend more time here next year. Our kids youth wouldn’t miss this retreat! –Cindy W.
All staff members go to great lengths to meet our needs. –Children’s Writers
I am impressed and delighted by the way your community opens itself to welcome campers, pastors, parents and so many others. Thank you for your unashamed witness to Christ Jesus and the humble-yet-powerful grace and mercy of God. –Marc O.
Thank you for all of your help, loving care and extra effort to make our weekend an important lifesaving event. –Ron S.